“We are our choices.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre


Some believe that as souls, we chose to become the people we are now on this earth based on the lessons we needed to learn.

So often the question arises:

Did this choice we made for ourselves put us in the situations we are experiencing now?


Possibly. Possibly not, depending on your spiritual belief system. But don't let the belief of Life Lesson themes throw you or disempower you, thinking that making a conscious choice to experience negative things gives you no control over what comes to you. Be concrete on what you have before you right now, right here.

With your choices, you are defining your current control.

We make choices in THIS lifetime. An awareness of what we are doing NOW is often the first step in helping us break our patterns, no matter in which lifetime or life plane you believe they originated.


Each of us does seem to have certain life-theme lessons that are brought to us again and again until we figure it out and work it through. Whether or not we choose the themes before we came here or not can be debated depending on our spiritual system, but we definitely each seem to have themes to work through.

The life themes we experience vary per person.  Some of them can be narrowed down to one or two words. For example, for me it has been "trust" (too much of it), "boundaries," (not enough of them), "rescuing and mothering," and "saying no." Those have come again and again for me. Now that I finally have defined them, I can work on them to keep them balanced. Now that I recognize them, I've been working on strengthening them.

The key is not struggling over whether we chose these lessons before this lifetime or experienced them for the first time in this one.

What is important?

Knowing what you choose IN THIS LIFETIME and consciously making better choices again in this lifetime."

Today, pull 2 cards from your favorite tarot or oracle deck.

1) What is a pattern of mine that I've yet to fully conquer?


2) What is something I can do to gain control over my pattern?

Here's wishing you a lifetime (or many lifetimes) of healthy choices.





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