Hallo everyone..
My last post was about being sad, confused and overwhelmed.. Since then, I have received help and comfort from a few sources. I will give a shoutout to Solael from right here on PS and her own wonderful online communities, Woad Jade Wolf, also from here and to Pandora on my blog who gave a link to an awesome online community. It feels wonderful to know that people will take their time out to help someone else. It shows that human nature isn't evil. Some people just stray from the lighter paths and delve into the darker areas without light. Dwelling in shadow, however isn't a bad path.. it's just a combination of light and dark.. you can't have shadow without light.
So again Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now on to my quick topic of divination.
I developed an interest in divination some years back, dropped it and forgot about it.. then rekindled my interest most recently (much like Paganism). I am most interested in Tarot readings. I am learning all I can about it and well.. since I don't have a Tarot deck of my own (and who know's when I can get one... you certainly can't find one in Jamaica... that I know of (-_-);) Soooo.. I've been using a regular deck of playing cards. Which is quite fine for the minor arcana. Without the Major Arcana, I can't get readings for large scale stuff only everyday matters. So far.. my experiences with tarot has been amazingly, eerily accurate. I have even given a reading for myself, my sister and my boyfriend.. and wow... talk about scary accurate. It was great. I look forward to continuing my experiences and my research into this and I hope to get a real tarot deck in the future.
Should I tell you a little bit about my readings? Well, I have gotten many indications (more than one card) of travel and the possibility of moving to another country, including to the home of a distant family member. Which is scary accurate because I AM in the process of migrating.. and I am to stay with my aunt and uncle (who are like distant family members to me) like wow o.o.. scary right? And, there is also the indication of success in my future. I hope THAT goes according to plan (^_^); I could do with a bit of financial success. I hate being broke... well doesn't everyone? LOL.

So yeah, I believe I am getting re-energized and getting hopeful again aaaandd I am happier. ( / ^3^)/ \(^3^\ )

Um.. so yeah. Thanks for reading ^^

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