Although we had drizzely rain most of the days on site, people came together in amazing ways. A Guardian and Warriors' spirit can't be deterred. The energy of Camp Graham is wonderful. Some of it is the charge were building there, a lot that's there are Old Medicines and the lines that connect the camp with Fort Ancient just a few miles down the road. Before I get a storm of emails, yes we will be at Camp Graham next year for EWF: Trinity. I already spoke with Jason about it and we're adding a day (thursday) next year.
Thank you first to The Old Ones, Mighty and Ancient. Your Presence and Presents were felt and appreciated beyond measure!
Thank you to the Crew! The Pirates were rockin! The kitchen/dining hall will now be called the Galley! When people slated to run the kitchen didn't show up or communicate, the pirates came in in force and made sure everyone was fed! They adapted, over-came obstacles and were awesome! I'll be buying the beverages at our next meeting. You know what will be in the Jar. Thorn, my sister mother, it was great hostessing the auction with you! That was the first one I've done. We raised enough to cover our insurance for next year at the auction. I thought we looked pretty snappy in our leather and hats. Huzzah!
To the staff: The blessing of Joyfulness definately came through! lol (Even though Opening rit landed in my lap at the last minute, I was happy that I was able to pop some blessings in there for the staff, presenters and all there.) We ran pretty much on schedule all fest long. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the staff and volunteers! For problem solving on your feet and for your dedication to community. I never expect perfect, we're human, stuff happens .A person's personal best given the terrain and circumstances is what I look at. The staff and volunteers did awesome!
Thank you to our presenters!
Buckland was great! I hope his flight was smooth to San Fran. What a blessing that man is!, Carlo walks the walk and is ready at a moments notice. He does Stand Ready, and glad I am for it because he saved my life the last day on site. I'll stand with you anywhere, any time and bring what I can with me and through me. I thank you and my family thanks you!
SJ Tucker and Crew, what beautiful spirits these people have. I always love getting to spend time with Sooj. Her heart proceeds her. The spinning you did Friday night was amazing! The concert was beautiful, and lively. K, thank you for being the gracious man that you are and working with our sound man Ronnie. He had nothing but great things to say about your level of heart and professionalism! Kuddos man!
Kellianna, sister woman! Not only did your concert come straight from spirit and your heart, you were gracious and a presence on site. The Spirit Song workshop and concert spoke to so many hearts and the cleansing tears of compassion were shed. We'll talk more this weekend. I am so grateful to have connected with you. Looking forward to this weekend at Serpent Mound and yes I've cleared things, if the offer still stands I'll be coming to Salem.
DRD, Main Ritual was amazing and strong. The Sun broke through the clouds during ritual and it was a blessed sign! We all love dancing and listening to this troupe of brothers drum and pour their hearts into it. Adrian, thank you for everything! Naresh, you still owe me an hour, I didn't realise it was your head I was calling for, I thought you'd caputred the, Drago, Bellisimo (i think that's how that goes right?), I'm always glad to see you. You remind me of the calm center. Utu, lol I'll always race you around deadman's curve and probably always win. mwhaha It's hard to beat an Aries woman, especially this one. I'll see you guys in Salem.

Many heart felt thanks to Devin for running my shop during the event and setting the stage for our musical acts. I didn't get to talk with him very much on site with seeing to other duties so I had to leave it in his very able hands.
Tamika, Fox and Diana. Thank you for pitching in where you did. You guys run a fest so you "get it" Thanks to Fox also for putting a cold canadian drink in my hands when I needed one. Good leo there!
Starrfire girlie, you snuck off site. lol hope the footage turned out great. I'll look forward to seeing it. I hope you had a great time.

I'm sure there are people who I'm forgetting to thank by name and I'll probably hear about it later, lol But thank you to everyone who connected, helped, laughed, did the work, brought their hearts, were compassionate, shared and were there.
Next year is already being set into motion, spread the word. We're growing each year.
Many, Many Blessings and Much love,

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