i know that objects only have power if we let them but i made a circlet for myself that makes me feel empowered. it just seems to exude positive energy. the circlet is nothing special, just a few jump rings and some chains but i love it. and i guess the sense of accomplishment at having made it makes me feel pretty good. id like to thank a friend whose idea for a different project gave me the motivation to start jewelry making again. yesterday i handmade a two tier chain to hold my jesus fish and my pentagram. sometimes soon i will be upgrading my silver plated pieces to sterling silver, but until then what i have works for me. i wish i knew what happened to my other pentagram which was sterling silver, but it will turn up, probably when im cleaning. anyway. i feel pretty good right now, having made two pieces that i am really happy with and that will serve me well until i can afford the real stuff. i do plan on upgrading the chains to sterling in the future but that is quite far off at this point. yesterday was a good but exhausting day. we went to walmart to check on tires for the truck which isnt in need of tires yet but we wanted to price them before we needed them. turns out that in the size we needed they had 4 in stock and they were on clearance for 1/3 of the original cost. so we bought tires. we saved the old tires and my dad let us store them at his place, i dont know why but he wanted us to save them. anyway, we were in walmart for 2 hours waiting on these tires so i did some school shopping, i found school supplies on sale so i stocked up for the boys, considering both boys go to school this year. i have plenty of time to get things but i wanted to get a jump on it so the cost wasnt kicking our butts come school time. thats me, always prepared. the kids were absolute monsters in the store and considering we were there for two hours im not suprised. they were just riding my last nerve all day long. and afterward we stopped over to moms cause i had to pay her for my meds, and drop the tires off. on the way home dan put scott pilgrims cd in and he knows that cd irritates me. i was already pissed off cause of walmart and he wanted to further screw with my temper i guess. so i was tired and cranky too. we get home and he starts bitching cause he cant find the laptop, and bugging me about where i put it, when he was the last to have it, what the hell? if he had it, how the hell am i supposed to know where he put it? uh use common sense genius. you had it, you find it. i went in my room and had mommy alone time cause i was so bitchy by then i couldnt stand to be around anyone. my head hurt, i couldnt find my vicodin which i later remembered having in the car. i also left my phone in the car but we didnt find that until it had already died. ugh, i just wanted the day to be over. i take my meds and go to bed but i cannot sleep for the life of me. i went out on the couch and ended up asleep out there. wasnt very comfortable but oh well. now im wishing i had an energy drink cause my butt is dragging. but at least i got the circlet done. i figured out what i need for my rosary but i just dont have the money at the moment. i think mommy needs a nap.

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