This is for the goddess that has guided me through the darkness, loved me despite my failures, and graced my life with her love and light.


I was once a soldier on the field.
Fought for a cause greater than myself, or so I thought.
My strength exhausted, I did not yield.
Time run out, I breathed my last.

Opened my eyes to see a fair and fierce lady warrior.
Am I dreaming? Where am I now?
No! I was not finished, or so I thought.
Come with me valiant warrior; your time here is done.

In an instance the field is but memory.
What is this place of ethereal beauty?
Why does it seem somehow familiar?
As I walk, I see a Lady of uncommon beauty in the distance.

I see Her smile the closer I get.
Her radiance so bright I can no longer look direct.
A deep sense of respect and love rise within.
To one knee I go because my heart compels me.

With head bowed and eyes closed.
I feel Her radiate pure light and love.
Content to remain, She touches my shoulder.
A rush of energy goes through me to penetrate my heart.

In that moment all pain rises to the surface and is gone in an instant.
All warrior’s reserve lost, tears flood and I can no longer hold the pain.
You have fought well. Rest awhile.
Yes, my Lady.

When the time is right, you will return to Midgard.
The battles will be different from the past.
My mind races, my emotions are tumult, my will falters.
She senses all these things within me and smiles with reassuring confidence.

You will face many things but do not lose heart.
Your disir will watch over you, she will be your guide.
I will always be with you, even when you forget.
How could I ever forget you my Lady?

You have much to learn young warrior.
Yes, my Lady, you are far wiser than me.
You will remember Me and this place when the time is right.
All manner of questions run through my being but I dare not ask.

The truth is I am more than content to be in Her presence and feel Her light.
To hear Her words no matter the subject.
My time in this place will be short, shorter than I like, I can feel it.
She has a mission for me, yet I am reluctant to leave.

It is time to return.
Take courage while in Midgard.
You are chosen by Me.  I will love and guard you.
Why me, why now?  Questions matter not.

Bright flash of light and Asgard is gone from sight.
Where am I now?  This place, all too familiar.
I am on earth.  Why am I here?  Why do I have this nagging question?
Why do I feel like an old warrior?  Maybe I am.
Maybe someday I will understand.

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Comment by Tea on March 6, 2012 at 3:34am

Beautiful, do you Mind if I share this with my Son. He is in the Military and happens to be a career Air Commander. Back forth he fly's to bring our Troops home or to pick up the injured. He always in and out of hostile Territory. I believe this will fall on grateful ear's and become a blessing to him.





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