I am reaching out to all of my friends for a little help with something that is very important to me. I don’t need any money, just a letter to your congressman, and its already been written. Please read this post and if you feel that your OK with our goals please send a letter to your congressman. Our solders deserve equal recognition like everyone else.

"The Open Halls Project has begin an endeavor, and we would appreciate any assistance and support that we can muster. Recently, the VA approved the Thor's Hammer as a headstone emblem. However, we still cannot choose Asatru or Heathen as our religious preference! We have attempted to process the request to add those terms, but CH(COL) Bryan Walker, of the Chief of Chaplains, has stated that the US Army and the DoD are preparing a new system that will allow philosophies and other religious preferences to be added more efficiently. However, his expected ETA for this change is 'several years.’

We've already processed this request twice, with the support of the Asatru Alliance and the Troth. That was over two years ago now and we are being told we will have to wait even longer. The OHP would like to initiate a letter writing campaign to our legislators, in the hopes that putting congressional pressure on the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense will have some positive effect. We specifically are calling on those who live in a district run by a member of either the House Armed Services Committee or the Senate Armed Services Committee. These are the folks that can really bring some political muscle to bear for us!

I've drafted a standardized form letter for folks to use, if you so desire. We have also been in communication with several of our allies, to help begin publicizing this action. We are hoping you will write to your Senators and to your Congressional representative, we have tried to be patient, and allow the system to work, but there is no need for us to wait several more years for our service members to have the ability to choose their religious preference on their official paperwork! We want to make sure that the religious needs of our service members are ensured and we hope that you will help us take action.

The form letter is posted as a link below.
Please let us know of any interesting developments you hear about, by emailing us at heathenopenhalls@googlemail.com
Josh Heath - OHP"

The draft letter to your congressman:

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Comment by Kixs on April 25, 2014 at 7:04am

Could you tell which legislator's are attached to the department of defense?

Comment by Vincent Enlund on April 25, 2014 at 3:59pm

the DOD is not attached directly to any other then the president but if we can get some attention from Congressional seats that is usually all it takes to move something like along much faster. 

Comment by Kixs on April 25, 2014 at 6:45pm

Surely there is an over sight committee or finance committee that would have a stronger understanding of the workings of the military than just random legislators. Legislators that would have a vested interest in seeing something like this be handled quickly especially during an election year. Maybe the groups you are working with would be able to dig around in DC and find such a legislator so your form letter could direct individual legislator's to that persons office to see how they may attach this ruling to something to hurry it along. Just a suggestion that I have found effective in pass dealings with the legislative branch of our government.


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