i have lost nearly 100 pounds. my clothes dont fit anymore. i am not nearing where i want to be in teerms of weight loss yet. i had bariatric surgery. i have been looking around at clothing stores for ideas on what i like. havent found much. i did find a store on ebay i like however my husband is not a fan of the clothes. they are bali inspired. mostly tunics and palazzo pants and such. i like comfy roomy clothing. he thinks they look stupid. i know that ill be the one wearing them but i also dont want to look like a nut if im the only who likes them. im already self conscious enough, anyone who has ever lost a lot of weight knows what im talking about. my usual style is just whatever i grab. usually jeans and a tshirt. i want something a little different. to spruce up my frumpy wardrobe. i just dont want to be too out there in terms of style. i dont have gal pals to tell me what would look nice on me. im just going on my own sense of style. if you can call it that. as a teen i wore only black. as a mother i have worn what hid my body. now i want to look nice. not fancy. just normal. i only wish i knew what looked good on me.

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Comment by Kris Hughes on January 5, 2012 at 5:56pm

Looking at clothes in stores or catalogs is always a little surreal. I also love tunics and baggy trousers, but a quick reality check tells me that they are impractical for most of the things I do in a day. However, on the rare occasions where all I'm doing is "going out" then I might choose something like this. (However, I am not self conscious and my OH doesn't mind what I wear.)

Where will you be going and what will you be doing in the clothes you need to buy? That's a great question to ask yourself. And how would it feel, physically, to wear these clothes in that situation - comfortable? awkward? practical? And how would it feel emotionally? socially? etc. Another often overlooked questions is shoes. I sometimes see clothes that I like, but I know that the sorts of shoes that will look "right" with them will be uncomfortable for me.


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