While out walking the other day, I came upon a Great Blue Heron feeding on little fish in the stagnant waters of the woods. It really is a majestic bird and one can see how scientist believe some dinosaurs evolved into birds. The heron is a very widespread species in North America. It can be found from Canada to Mexico. The Ancient Aztec mythical homeland, Aztlan, is translated by some to mean the “Place of Heron.” A seasoned Aztec warrior wore a special hair-style that included a forked-heron feather along with quetzal feathers. This heron was very solitaire and my presence was not welcome. It lifted its large frame with a wide-wingspan and flew further into the darkness of the woods.

So often I feel the same way, especially in the past seven months. But being a human being, I also feel the need to be gregarious and enjoy others company. Balance must be the key. Spending time alone so you don’t become like others, but also enjoying companionship in a healthy manner. There are very few people close to me now, and I find most people don’t understand me, even the ones that are close to me.

With the heron having such a large area to live, and if the scholars who translate Aztlan as the Place of Heron are right, Aztlan could be anywhere in North America. Some Aztec mythology said they wandered for 600 years searching for the sign their tribal god Huitzilopochtli said would mark their promised land. If that is true, they could have wandered generation-after-generation across North America. But most people believe now that they came from Chichimec country in Mexico.

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