I keep offerings of rice, salt, and water on my altar. I replace the salt and rice every week and try and replace the water daily (I don't always remember...) anyway this "used" salt goes into my magick cooking, mostly bone broth at this point, and I was planning on eventually cooking the rice but never got around to it. Now I know why!

With the summer's insane heat this year I was trying to think of ways to keep cool and remembered that an old neck warmer I used to have could also be used as a cooler, (though I never needed it as such before now) It was just a sock filled with rice, and it just so happens I have some holy rice just waiting to be used...

The sock was a gift that sadly does not fit my large calves so this is a perfect alternative use! though the rice isn't quite enough to fill it up yet I will add more too it as the jar refills. (Cat included because she just happened to want to sit there while I was taking the picture)

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