Honoring the Female Family Spirits; The Disir

If the connection to our Gods as our eldest kin are important to us
then should not our connection to our family be as important? We
celibrate our ancestors, always. But our bond, to those in our direct
family, have to evoke a stirring in our breast. The Disir - the
grand-mothers, the fountainhead of our family luck and strength of our

The Disir are important to us because of their immediacy to us. We are
the last incarnation of what they started in the world. We know them
and can feel the impact they have left on our lives.

After our blot discussion, we lit the hearth-fire. It merrily crackled
and flicked behind the pictures and mementos of the Disir on the
altar. We began with the story of creation, retold by Jon. Rick rose
the Hammer to the ceiling and hollowed the space in the name of Thor.
In hushed tones, I invited our ancestors to join us, along with Frigga
and Freyja.

Instead of our usual meditation we went around and all those attended
told their stories of their Disir. The Disir that those in RKN have
maintained and shared are powerful and
moving entities. As a result, we typically have very few dry eyes in
the house. Their stories are our stories. Those tears are one's of
joy and pain. (Our fine hosts, Mark and Dott thoughtfully made
available two boxes of tissues.) This was no exception.

This was one of the most poignant
Blots I've ever been to: my maternal grandmother died a few weeks ago.
While her death was not a "surprise" due to her age, it still left me
with a hole in my heart. The knowledge that she is indeed part of my
family spirits, left me with something. It still makes me sad but I
hope to live well and strong with her guidance from a place more
distant then Florida...

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Comment by Jeff Davis on February 12, 2012 at 5:09pm

I loved this podcast.  I have known that I had a female ancestor who has helped me on a number occasions.  When I heard this podcast describing the disir, it all suddenly made sense.  Thanks guys.


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