My journey has been going on for some time. The truth is the deeper I started to dig, the more I started to doubt, the more I doubted the further I moved away from Christianity. The more I moved away the less effect the brainwashing had on me. I cleared my mind of all dogma and looked at the bible with Atheist eyes. All I had were questions. How come women had no voice in the bible. All verses were derogatory toward women. All verses written by men to serve men's interests. Modern translations meant to frame everything the way that generation of men the way they wanted to. More unanswered questions. Finally, I pondered this... why would us as non native Americans be so wrapped up in a middle eastern religion. I wanted spirituality. I wanted something natural. I feel a longing in my soul when I am out in the elements. I feel home. When my wife asked me if I would love her if she where a witch, I knew which way to go. She spoke what I was already feeling in my soul. “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will” that is something both me and my bride can live by.

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