Well my husband and I are on slim fast. we've been on it two days. and i have to say i dont mind it. i get the chocolate that i want from the shakes. i also have the peanut butter bars. i get to have two of my major cravings. plus theres always dinner. i know i have to balance things out with the different food types, but im trying. so far so good. we got some exercise today. i suggested we go outside and kick a ball around. we did pretty good. we were out there for about half an hour, and we were running around. and then my ankle started aching and i had to stop. ive had severe problems with my ankle in the past, almost needing surgery once. so when my ankle aches, i cant push it. thats what the doctor told me. we ran quite a bit, and now im a little tired, and sore. I know thats because my body aint used to all the activity. i started small, and im gonna work my way up. i cant exercise tomorrow because my mother in law is having surgery, and my hubby will be gone all day, leaving me with the kids. which i have trouble handling on my own. hopefully tomorrow will be nice out, and i can take them outside again. i want to get to where im walking around the trailer park, 3 laps equal a mile. my goal is to work up to the 15 minute mile, that they used to require in high school, that i could never do. my first goal is to finish the mile at all. and then ill start working on time. i need to save up some money for some walking shoes that fit me well. right now i have either my clogs, or my black shoes. what i really need is some walking shoes though. my feet are weirdly shaped. they are extra wide, like a man's foot and the arch is high, which makes the top of my foot rub on the top of shoe, causing blisters sometimes. thats why i wear the black shoes or the clogs. the clogs are so wide, that my foot has plenty of room. and the black shoes are just big all over. which are really comfy. except when i have to walk long distances. like i said, i need some walking shoes. i just dont have the money to blow on a pair of shoes. we were barely able to afford to get my husbands jeans from the local big and tall shop. they were only 40 bucks, but considering we just had to pay the phone bill, the gas and electric, and the insurance for the cars, we didnt have much extra cash. we had enough to get him one pair of jeans, which should last about 3 months or so, unless he starts to lose a significant amount of weight. we found out that all the pre testing for the bariatric surgery my husband is looking into would be coming out of our pockets. we just cant catch a break. i am so frustrated. my husband wants to lose the weight to have the surgery, but at this time not only can we not qfford it, but my hubby has to lose 70 pounds first. im doing all i can to help him, and hopefully he can lose weight.

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