But now I'm back!
*returns triumphantly!*
And still sick. But not AS sick. So, I suppose I should suck it up and stop complaining.
And I know it's probably the wrong way to do it, but being sick made me lose a few pounds, and my belly fat is falling off!
That excites me a little, since spring is coming. I can feel it in my BONES. And I want to wear cute clothes this year, instead of my winter 'I'm ashamed of my bulgy belly' clothes. And maybe even a BIKINI. Holy gods, watch me go.

Okay, seriously. I'll be putting up a new blog post at Bedlams and Broomsticks a little bit later, though there won't be too much to say. Spending the last week or so feeling like swamp thing had put my inner journey on the back burner for a bit. But, like I said, I'm back.

I know you all missed me. AHA.

Bright Blessings,

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