"I smell the decay", a few words on what I see and feel, walking through the forest, as the Wheel turns to Fall.

I smell the decay

I smell the decay ,
drifting across the forest floor…
Mushrooms rising ,
where shadows lie heavy….
Beneath the rich moss ,
my hands seek an old tree’s skin ,
while I breathe , my eyes fall silent…

I smell the decay ,
rising warmth spoiling Summer’s memory…
So still the trees watch ,
splendor fade to gloom….
My ears reach in, to the darkening woods,
for I sense I am not alone…

I smell the decay ,
crawling over those forgotten by the Sun…
Salmon suffer death’s release ,
of oaths long since taken…
My heart wanders with the river’s muse ,
to weigh the worth my life may give…

I smell the decay ,
whispering dreams to all the harvest has left behind…
Grey clouds gather ,
solemnly acknowledging the turning of the Wheel…
Her walks grow longer ,
evermore pushing night against the day,
and the veil between the worlds recedes…

I smell the decay ,
echoing the ripples Her passing creates…
A moment stands aside ,
linear perceptions crumble out of sight…
My spirit conjures something more,
inside Her vision the cauldron stirs….

I smell the decay ,
touching change that flows beyond.
Voices patient to be heard ,
falling wisdom within the cold rain…
Her presence offers me this chance,
a Path whose song is sung alone …
I smell the decay ,
growing layers of what used to be…
This road is long ,
wearing away what has never been mine…
My door now openly stands,
inviting in, the deepening sorrow,
Her black cloak can share….

I smell the decay ,
to embrace a sadness that makes me whole…
In vast unnoticed graves ,
Far removed from brighter hues,
Her pallor lies ….
My awareness walks there now,
and I smell the decay ….

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