I don’t know where that saying came from, In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Maybe it came from the Farmer’s Almanac.  I never read it, so I don’t know.  .Except for some rain flurries, and chilly mornings, it’s been getting steadily warmer.  Elsewhere in the country, not so much. My friend Kat in Illinois reports that there was a late snow storm which damped their power out the other night.  But it came back on in the morning, and the snow is melting, so maybe her tulips will have a chance at life, after all. The birds are out in force here, courting and building their nests for the eggs yet to come.  

Meanwhile, I have my own personal spring marker, in the shape of candy eggs.  I’ve had the jelly bean eggs, both the assorted flavors, and the black eggs. The licorice eggs no longer stain my mouth, so that’s all to the good.  But what I really crave are “Robin Eggs,” made by Whopper. They have a hard candy shell on the outside, then a thin layer of chocolate, covering an egg made of malt.  I started out with a small bag, when that went away entirely too quickly, I decided not to fool around anymore, and got the big bag. To make sure that they would last me into May,  I went back and bought another big bag, well worth the $10 it cost me.

My friend and coven sister Cherye and I used to pool our candy, we would bring baskets, and put together Herne baskets for us for the Ostara Sabbat.  It was fun. Putting them together was a bonding experience for Cherye and me. Now, with the temps beginning to inch up into the 70s and 80s, it will soon be time for me to change wardrobes, from the long sleeves and pants of fall, winter, and early spring, to the short and sleeveless shirts of late spring, summer, and early September.  This year I’ll be adding another pair of khaki shorts to the mix because my cargo pants, which Doc had bought me at the Army Surplus store on San Carlos Blvd in San Jose, ripped just above the knees, so I’m going to cut them the rest of the way off and hem them, maybe do some other repair work on them too, and turn them into a 5th pair of khaki/beige shorts.  

The final sign that spring is here is that that the final season of Game of Thrones  has begun on HBO.  Besides the vying for the Iron Throne, which the main characters have been doing in the prior 7 seasons, they now must unite to fight a common enemy.  The Dead Walkers mean to march all across Westeros, spewing death and destruction in their walk. All 6 pretenders have united except the evil Sersei, who believes the Dead walkers will kill her rivals,and that will be that.  She doesn’t believe they pose any threat to her. Boy, does she have an unpleasant surprise coming!

My cat’s appetite has increased, and I’ve heard reports from several other cat and dog owners that their animals’ appetites for food have also increased.  Perhaps it is their bodies’ way of telling them that this is estrus, mating time, but my familiar is fixed, so no mating for her. Besides, she’s strictly an indoor cat, and doesn’t even try to go outside.  I think she has agoraphobia, fear of the outside world.

As for me, before it gets too hot, I’m feeling the urge to go places, both on mass transit, and on foot.

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Comment by Enigma on April 16, 2019 at 4:07pm

"In like a lion, out like a lamb."

Your not the only one unsure of the origins of this cliché. The are several theories concerning its origin.


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