It's been a while, strange happenings


No I will not break out in a Stand song, sorry Stand fans.

Yes it's been a while since my last blog post and if had things happen to me in that time than in my 24 years of my life, but the most came to me a couple of days ago when I was waking up. This was strange and it might seem fluffy in a way where I think I might have mystical powers and I want to tell everyone, but come on we have those moments. Like I was saying I had a weird experience lying in bed about to open my eyes. I swear I was hearing someone talking to me, and not just any one someone from a pagan podcast I listen to. Yes I admit it I heard Aiden Odinson talking, and it was clear and very audible. I didn't have my music running, or my iPod ear buds in my ear, hell i can't sleep with someone talking in my ear for half and hour. I've heard about clairaudiance and that some people have it, and to my knowledge it seems to be that I was experiencing it for about 5 minutes than it disappeared.

Now this isn't the only experience with weird crap, a few months ago I was lying in bed drifting off to sleep until I saw my while spectrum of color shift around. It was like something out of a 70's drug movie when someone is taking a thing of acid and sees shit that isn't there year it was like that except for a shift in my perception of the color spectrum. I also had a spell put on me to drain my energy, a holy site shoot me with a very small amount of energy, and two of my friends almost got smacked by a truck carrying oxygen tanks when they were going to the doctors and one of them knows it was a spell cast in it. Strange crap is happening here in the Hudson Valley and I have only been here for about a year now. It's indeed strange.


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