Unfortunately I have a feeling these words may drive many of u away from JOY PANDEMIC…I hope not…%)There’s so much I feel the need to express im not sure where to start…ok…”near death” experiences…every one ive ever heard of was basically the same …the person having the experience saw a brilliant white light…now as some of u may know the name “Lucifer” means “bringer of light” or “light bearer”…ive often wondered (after seeing how nearly everyone ive encountered here treats each other) why there r no near death experiences that involve a pit of some kind or a burning lake ? Then it struck me (which is how the really obvious stuff tends to do) these people were NOT going to “heaven”…I have heard Satan called the prince or father of lies and that his biggest lie is that he doesn’t exist…I feel this is incorrect and here’s why…souls r incarnated into physical bodies so they can experience “life” or the physical realm…we do this because what we truly are ( non physical souls) cannot experience pain, pleasure, joy, sorrow or any of the other things which make “life” what it is…which would mean that there r none of these things in the “spirit realm”…which would in turn mean that the concept of ”suffering” for eternity in hell for sinning simply is NOT possible because the concept of suffering and pain is a physical thing and has no spirit counterpart and heaven and hell r both spiritual realms…also it always bothered me that Christians don’t seem to understand that the man Jesus or yeshua (there is no letter j in Hebrew or Aramaic) was NOT a Christian and in fact wasn’t even the CHRIST until he ascended (died) for humanity which is why when he was on the cross he supposedly asked “father why have u forsaken me?”…in fact during the years of his life that r missing from the bible  he was traveling throughout the middle east and Tibet learning from the great spiritual minds of the time how to perform “miracles” and when he popped back up at the age of 30 he began teaching Buddhism…which is why the Hebrews said he was NOT the messiah (messiah is defined as “a military ruler“)…most of the Christians I have encountered don’t seem to want gods gift of free will…this is shown in the lords prayer when they ask for things to be on earth as they are in heaven….there is NO free will in heaven (also every description ive ever heard of how heaven is imagined to be sounds terrible)…humans hate making the “wrong” choice which is what free will is based on…CHOICES which is why they would WANT to spend eternity doing nothing but what they r told to do…Christians also say that we r supposed to believe the bible without question even though the church has committed centuries of atrocities doing things they r specifically told NOT to do in the name of “saving” the heathens…(here’s a joke that’s not funny. a native man asked a missionary “if I did not know of ur god and sin would I go to hell? The missionary replied “no” the native then asked “then WHY DID U TELL ME?” )…also nobody seems to notice or care that there r 2 different “creation” stories in the bible…the first which has god creating man AND woman with the same breath and the second in which all of a sudden there is no woman  but now we have a garden and god realizes (after creating all of the animals looking for a helper for Adam) that he needs to make a clone of Adam from his rib…in both creation stories god screws up (or the divinely inspired word of god was recorded by total morons and god decided it didn’t matter) because in the first story  on the first day god said “let there be light” then on day 2 gods separating the waters from the waters…WHAT WATERS? God didn’t say “let there be WATERS” …so as u can see if you open your bible and look that there r some PROBLEMS…which brings me to “gods perfect love”…I call BULLSHIT…perfect love does not seek to possess or change the loved…gods love has rules…10 of them…one of which is about not killing other humans (except of course when the government tells u to and says “gods on our side” and when they started slaughtering “savages” to convert them to the one TRUE religion)…another has to do with “no other gods before me”…which firstly implies that there ARE other “gods” and secondly, (because yeshua NEVER said he was god) that the MEN who created Christianity broke that law when they started worshipping Jesus and again when they made “graven images” ( the cross and crucifix ) …also I find it hard to believe in a group that has 100 different versions of their holy book and nearly as many different sub-groups claiming to worship the same god and hating the other sub-groupsNow we come to a problem im having with humanities ascension…many of those working towards this goal are charging money for the information needed to help prepare for this event…what the FUCK is up with that? Is money going to be used WHEN WE ASCEND?…do they think they get to take it with them when they go…or are just our souls raising a level and we get to stay here and FIX our garden which to my thinking would also make money worthless…then there’s the whole thing concerning angels and aliens….seems to me that they r the same thing…y’know 2,000 years ago if a humanoid was seen flying he/it would be described as having wings…I guess the bottom line im getting to here is that we should use the brain that we have to sort through the bullshit and lies we r fed on a daily basis concerning our beliefs and find those things that harmonize with our heart vibration…if you treat those around you with kindness and JOY u cant go far wrong…I LOVE U ALL and hope I didn’t totally offend EVERYONE with these thoughts

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Comment by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on March 11, 2015 at 2:10pm

pardon me...as i said in the title...its an OPINION and where my info is coming from is THE BIBLE...im NOT bashing ANYONE EVER...im merely sayin READ THE FUCKIN BOOK...page one...TWO creation stories...1st one ends with god breathing life into dirt creating MAN AND WOMAN AT THE SAME TIME...next its just god and adam in a garden...the WOMAN stepped out for a pack of smokes or something...wait...now i remember...she was taken out of the bible by king JAMES....look sister the only reason i post this stuff is because i feel nobody should be ruled by lies and deceit...the creator gave me a mind to USE and so i DO...follow your heart...%)

Comment by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on March 11, 2015 at 11:50pm

and you also dear heart...%)


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