What is life?

Why do we suffer?

I think there are too many questions and way too many answers.

Humans make up their own stories and so do I.

Animals don't do that kind of stuff... they just live and follow their instincts. If they are good or evil doesn't matter to them. They don't care, but we do. We care about cars, houses a safe environment and all in all money. Because money can get you everything. If man wasn't born with an evil inclination, they woudn't buy houses. The rational (geometric/mathematic) mind makes people suffer. In the garden of Eden was the serpent. It was coiled around the tree of knowledge like a belt around saturn. Everything revolved around it, the center of gravity called the ego. The god of ego doesn't follow the laws of nature. He makes his own rules. Shiva is the god of ignorance. The destructive mind at the base of the spine. He has a serpent belt. In zoroastrianism he's sharva the daeva (demon). At mount kailash (shiva's mountain) people walk around it like clockwork. The ticking of time.

The cube of gravity. Centered in procreation and the wheel of time

Death is the only thing that stops people from becoming too godlike, in the center of attention. The great pharaoh. King, until He dies and a New emperor reigns.

But god let an opening. The last adam. He will swallow up death and destroy the shattered remains of the self centered kelipot. The kundalini serpent won't coil around the root chakra anymore. Gravity won't be fearful anymore. People fear death the most. "You will Not surely die, But You will know good and evil. You will know gravity. Geometry and all the sciences." Until He eats of the tree of life and live forever. Follow your Ego and death or follow life, what should i do? Live a human life? Have a house and obey money?

I want to live. The waters of creation (apsu;tiamat/nun;nut) birthed two waves (lahmu;lahamu) the mouth/vulva of creation.

Out of them was born utu/ptah, the sun pillar/phallus/tounge of life. From the blood (sperm/soundwaves) of it were created Hu and sia (yin yang/matter and spirit/the matrix of life. Hu is what is possible, being inside a body. Human, animal, plant. Sia is the potential. If you want to fly, become a bird. If you want to live in the ocean, become a fish, but you can't be a fish and a bird. Not inside a physical body. You need to die first. That's the problem. Daath or the gap. With fear you won't be able to bridge it. Fear death and you will fear life. You won't be in the tree of life and in the garden of eden.

You will be in the tree of knowledge and the cities of london. Ruled by your mind's capabilities. You won't be a bird That can fly, you will be caged in an aquarium or put on a dog leash. Freedom is only Out of your comfortzone!

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Comment by Midrash on July 24, 2018 at 10:39pm

Red vs blue, Ra vs Set. Either we rise, or we fall...

Comment by Enigma on July 25, 2018 at 9:33pm

"Why do we suffer?"

To quote an Ancient Buddhist monk, "we suffer because we desire."


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