My interpretation of Main Tenu Samjhaavaan Ki song as a cover by Neha Bhasin

"I don't have to live without you,
don't have to live, don't have to live.."

My existence is based off of you.
Without you my life is meaningless.

"What do I explain to you,
without you my heart is nowhere,
what do you know about my love,
I wait for you..
You're my heart, and you're my life too.."

I can only love you.
My love is unlike any other.
It's pure.
It's true.

"My heart has chosen
the path of your heart..
Had you been with me,
my life would have been easier..
My life.. is now yours.
what do I do..
You've got to believe me.."

If I met you earlier my life would have been better.
The fact you're in my life now is wonderful.
I am yours to keep.
My heart is intwined with yours.

"O girl, you didn't do good,
by breaking my heart..
My eyes repent a lot,
having fallen in love with your eyes.."

You broke my heart.
I wish I didn't feel this heartache.
But I couldn't help but fall madly deeply in love with you.
It was love at first site.

"Where can I go leaving you,
You're my shadow..
In your face only
I see my God..
My wish, Oh,
is that I bow to you always,
You listen to my approval.."

Wherever I go. You follow.
I worship you.
For you are my Goddess.
The Devine spirit that keeps me whole.
Without you I'm nothing.

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