so ive be surfing the web, looking for deals on plates, cups, and other plastic silverware for my son's birthday. We are renting out a roller rink and inviting his class, plus a few others, so we will have a full party. I found a guy that makes pinatas and talked to him about making one for my son's party. we plan on using a mario and sonic theme. so it will be blue and red everywhere. i have nothing better to do and it doesnt cost anything to look. Plus the pinata is only 14 bucks plus shipping and handling. and i can get sonic and mario on a cake. they told me at walmart all we had to do was to bring a picture and they could print it in edible icing on the cake. that will cost us like 25 bucks. but considering all the people it will feed, i guess its worth it.

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on September 14, 2009 at 8:46am

Tell him we celebrate with him . sounds as if your quite busy as I know planning party's are work but sounds as if your off to a good start so on words lol BB


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