well, after putting it off for as long as i could, i decided to buckle down and file for ssi. I spent most of the day on the phone trying to put together my medical history, so that i have a case. I hate talking to people on the phone. and i hate dealing with the automated messages on the ssi telephone line. Im just easily irritated. but anyway, after my marathon phone calls, and making a trip to wellsboro for the mask and tubing for my sleep apnea machine, im exhausted. My day started at 5:30 when i woke up inexplicably. and couldnt get back to sleep. man do i hurt today. im on my first day of my new med regimen and already im not having fun. i hate complaining but this really sucks. i dont know what more to do. i feel like crap and am tired as hell. oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better. i did get to have some quality family time. we did a dry run of my son's science project, so when it comes time, we will know if it works or not. we made epsom salt, table salt, and sugar crystals. hopefully we did it right and in a few weeks will have some crystals. we even colored them. we made orange, green, and what was supposed to be blue but what looked more like black. i do hope they take. they will make a nice addition to my altar if they do. after they grace the science fair that is. my son is only 6 and he loved the activity. i boiled the water, and let him color the water and add the sugar or salt. I stirred it of course so he wouldnt get burned, but he came up with the project, and i helped where i was needed, considering he is only 6. he didnt want to make a baking soda volcano. he told me it was lame. he loves crystals. on my altar i have a bowl full of polished rocks and crystals, and i plan to add more to it later.

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