The full moon calling,gravity warning tides of change and shallow reasoning,so the soul is a point of light created when dreaming it reaches out to the earth's magnetic envelope then channels energy back into the body regenerating,in a perfect world of no problems undisturbed sleep and healthy intentions then why is it always a battle of good and evil,in petitioning the Cosmic,turns the consciousness inward instead of directing the plea to a distant external entity or power. The Cosmic is in each of us, the mystic realizes. It is not just in the reaches of space. The mystic knows further, that our Soul will answer our petition,there are only so many souls that can exist on this planet at any one given time,rebirth is complicated just as a paradox,gravity that force we take for granted has still no scientific explanation,in my experience my objective i have memories of past and future existence yet i can only fathom these as held within alternate Earths,to say what rebirth is from the mortal perspective seems futile everything moves in circles,eternity or infinity there is a difference,yo say this existence the very solar system is bound within a cycle of destruction then regeneration can discount an idea of past lives,to me more of a memory of being alive yet as the classic expression slightly different,yet this planet has only been here nine times before we are facing total oblivion a last cycle

You have purpose. Within you is a spark, a single point of light that is like no other. Look deep within to find direction. All you have to do is open yourself up to the truth

why bother communicating with someone you never meet,it is not my idea of reality and i struggle to keep my sanity,,marriage of the universe mind then body,my life nearly over what i see as progressive thinking writing relaying knowledge on a friendly basis,no matter the disorder alien reason machine syndromes raven berry horizon ship royal idiot mad haunted by something terrible the dark angel,ghostly goings on strange people in the shadows glimmer with familiar fear that cause a the soul is in the bones like a tuning fork we resonate line ancestry as a color of energy that reflects through the desine codes of individual species bones are living crystals,life is what we believe in and endevour to create without purpose their is no foundation to reality to be your just another online stranger there is no plans I am just one of many going going gone not a threat a promise,I was told that I whine too much after all no other reason but to be miserable destiny is a matter intuitive ancestral line frequency conscience is our way of suffering to avoid worse problems a Hindu saying just believing sometimes things can get better given effort and logical thinking not in my case my mother was like a demon she uttered a deafening voice that betwixt me as a child the moment a baby begins to understand mortality those giants we called parents having being run over by a car aged five that nearly killed me, in flux something of paradox has happened remember pocket surfer and all those log ins,legality humility justice orphan lost soul evil pedantic cold cynical deluge eternal damnation ones salvation people that gather in public places insane demon refuge cold stupor that has no basis on the human condition,ä Illness ruination suffering I used to be a genius dancer teacher now I'm nothing sickness badness so much sadness to hold on to something that matters mirrors of us distant solar systems,reality is an illusion nothing real topical sweet renditions candy man syndromes, part of the soul creation to scorn intention amidst jackals then turn round and stay the same,an argument fear element Haleys comet crystal people a hot air balloon flight centre in H enley that's what you thought were aliens,there are no aliens but humans are giant one eyed serpents dammed existence healing energy doomed into pittance,just seemed like saying something was a good idea in homage to being someone who blogs then expects no reactions more like a mental illness in reality it was a diary

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