The masks we must wear in society in order to "play well with others", and at the end of the work day, that mask can come off. But for the rest of the day, we have other masks we wear, in order to hide the burdens we bear. The parent mask, which is dual layered, the first is the responsible mask to set examples for our children, the second layer is the one we display for others that shows we are responsible parents, and we are providing the best we can for our children, these masks are with us for a good portion of life. While these masks can become bearable and easily adaptable, and we become settled and comfortable in our seemingly safe lives, behind white picket fences, with mini-vans parked in the 2 stall garage. Life turns around, kicks you right in the ass, rips your heart right out of your chest, leaves your head spinning, and makes you feel like you left your stomach somewhere in south Jersey. Suddenly these masks become confusing, which one do i wear now? which one did i put on this morning? We begin to invent new masks, we intertwine these masks to the point where we cannot recognize ourselves in the mirror anymore. New issue, new mask, new identity.We lose ourselves, we start to place masks on others to match what we invision them to be. We find ourselves lost in a world of masks. Masks we put on ourselves, masks we put on others, masks others put onto us, masks to hide pain, masks to hide shame, masks to pass blame. Soon we are lost into a frenzied downward spiral of negativity. Until we find who we actually are, until we find the one who says, stop, look, listen, learn.....then we begin to pick up the pieces of our past, pull things together in the present, and make plans for a better future. I say damn the masks, damn what society dictates. I stand and say, I am unique, I am me, I am one..............I've found myself again, let the one find you, and you will be one again............

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