Some of my Health Problems are Severe Anemia, Degenerative Disc Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both Wrists, Ventricular Tachycardia, Migraine Headaches, High Blood Pressure and a Tibial Plateau Fracture that had to have Donor Bone, a Metal Plate and Rods to correct. I was taking 15-13 Medicines a Month but stopped all of them over 5 Months ago. I was even told that I’d have to stay on some of the Medicines the rest of my Life and thought my Heart Doctor would have a fit because of the fact that I've had to be Flat-Lined 5-6 Times already because I go into Cardiac Arrest.

I decided as a “Witch” that I should have the Power to Heal Myself so I’m using my “Mind” and the things that Mother Nature provides (like eating lots of Raw Fruit and Vegetables). I’m Feeling better than I’ve felt in Years and have even Lost over 20 Pounds! I do still have Pain but I’m learning to just “Accept” it and not “Dwell” on it. Yes, I don’t need a Weather Forecast to know a “Change” is coming but I’m really enjoying the Feeling of having a “Clear Mind” again and the Freedom from the Medicine!

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Comment by Mystikal Melita on November 20, 2013 at 3:41am

There's an Old Blog here about my Heart Problem and Death.

Comment by Kixs on November 20, 2013 at 10:07am

I have dealt with sever health issues all my life and I understand the medicine over load. At one time I was literally taking 2lbs. of meds twice a day. That was some serious amount of

Mind set is needed in our treatment. It does make a difference. But it will not do it on it's own. Yourself is in three parts. Mind, Body and Spirit and all have to be treated and cared for together to make ourselves well or keep ourselves well. Just depending on one part to do the complete job is just as bad as just depending on chemical meds to do the complete job and it won't get the job done.

I still take two of my meds daily and two occasionally. But the rest I have removed from my life with diet and exercise and vitamin's and herbal medications.

In the diet department, I stick to real food, food that is processed by me and not in some factory. That simple change allowed me to get rid of like 10 bottles of pills. Raising meat, veggies, grains, dairy and fruit and preserving them helped with the exercise I no longer worry about calorie intake and have slimmed down. Fake food makes people hungry and fat, real food feeds us I have found out. High nutritional juices help with the vitamins, but I do take an iron supplement three times a week because my body does not process raw iron well so even though I eat it, it doesn't get broke down so my body can use it. Another supplement I take is fish oil (omega 3) because I really have no access to a steady amount of fish and well I'm just not a big fish person either. I also occasionally take a mineral supplement, because of the poor quality of the dirt in my area, so those aren't very strong in the food I raise.

I do have auto immune diseases and hereditary cholesterol problems. Both causing problems with my heart. So I do take my cholesterol meds and heart meds every day. But only take the auto immune disease meds occasionally. For pain it's herbs. My diet helped with sever inflammation but also use herbs to help with that.

So even though your feeling better chem free, I suggest you work on your diet and exercise and don't let yourself become stressed repeatedly. Listen to your body.

Chem meds aren't all bad. But like anything, to much is always a bad thing. So if your body isn't doing well with just natural then add a chem med to help it along. But just because the doctor said to take it three times a day, doesn't mean that YOUR body needs it three times a day. So listen to your body and adjust the meds as needed.

Comment by Mystikal Melita on November 21, 2013 at 10:41pm

I'm being very Careful and will still be seeing my Doctors every 6 Months for Check-ups and was told to just Call them if needed. I also have a General Doctor here in Town that I can see if something came up and we have a Wonderful EMS Service. They've had to Flat-Line and restart my Heart 5-6 Times in the last 14 Years so I Trust them.

I'm eating Fruits/Vegetables in the Rawest Form that I like, Cooking more from Scratch again and I've always grown some Basic Herbs but I need to Learn more on some that would be good for my Health Problems.


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