I went a little nutty today, and started cleaning the house from top to bottom. I was in hyper mode, and could not sit still. I may have been a little manic, but its okay because the house really needed it. I'd been so depressed lately that the housework took a backseat. I started my add med today, which may have been part of the hyperness. Now i'm just trying to wind down, and stop cleaning. But I figure i should be caught up in a week or so, if i continue the way i am now. overall i feel pretty good, a little sore, but i figure its probably my fibromyalgia. I was a bit scared earlier, my left arm started hurting bad, so I took some asprin. I was afraid it might be my heart. and then my chest started hurting and i panicked. I took heartburn medicine and finally it stopped. I am such a hypochondriac. I'll be alright though. I wont get much done tomorrow, my hubby's family is coming to his aunts house to visit, and we'll be going over after we make our dish of macaroni and cheese to pass. I just hope tomorrow is a nice day, because i dont want be cooped up with a bunch of people that I dont know that well. I have been doing good with my eating better. i had only 4 pieces of toast for breakfast, and then mini pizza for lunch. And I wasn't hungry for supper. i didn't over eat, and i probably burned some darn good calories, in all my cleaning glory. Which is good cause the last i when in the doctors they said i lost 28 pounds. My add med is also supposed to help me lose weight too. I feel great though. and now i just found out that i can get my migraine medication, the insurance finally agreed to give it to me. So tomorrow after the get together we will getting that

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on September 5, 2009 at 7:11am
well its because your useing it lol, as all that cleaning takes arm power lol. sounds as if your on top of things have a good weekend as for me off to cut sage and enjoy the day BB


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