today was rather good. my son got a checkup at a new doctors office. they said we need to have his eyes examined. other than that it all seemed well. we explained to the doctor about our sons inattentiveness and trouble focusing, and he is going to talk to my sons teacher to verify the problems we are having. my son had bloodwork done today. and he didnt freak. i had to hold his arm alittle, but he held still and talked to nurse who was taking the blood. i was so proud of him, because normally near needles he freaks out and starts crying, and then i have to hold him. But he did it all on his own. so for a reward we got him a game. and then a happy meal. we took him over to moms and picked up our youngest boy who had stayed the night. We also went pinecone picking, for my sons cub scouts. We are going to do one of the electives that involves a pine cone, rolled in peanut butter, and then bird seed. we spent the afternoon perusing my dads evergreens for pinecones. we got like 60 of them, but considering that they are small, we got a lot for the group. hopefully the group will like them. we had fun together, trying to get the cones off the tress. i held my son on my shoulders, with my husband holding his legs, so that my oldest boy could pick the cones off the tree. man that tree is huge. it has to be close to 50 foot tall now, and since the tree had been around four foot when we bought it, it has really grown. it is probably 18 years old or so by now. it is beautiful. and it had plenty of cones. had being the operative word. but the cones werent that attached, they just popped off when we touched them. we also went pumpkin picking. we got 5 decent sized pumpkns. this will be my husbands first year at carving a jack o lantern. my oldest sons too. oh my son said i should be a witch or a vampire for halloween. daddy hinted that i already was a witch. and then my son said, no because i didnt have green skin or a long pointy nose. and suprising my husband corrected him. he told him that witches dont look like that and people just say that to scare kids. i love my husband. sometimes he can really be a sweetheart. and some days he drives me up a wall. yesterday my ooldest son and my husband were doing a crank yankers special ed impression in the car. i wanted to strangle them both. i swore if i heard i got mail one more time, i was gonna boot one or maybe both of them out of the car. but i love my kids. all 3 of them, my husband included. they may drive me nuts, but i would do anything for any of them. i never knew i could love someone like i love them. my love is unconditional and they know it. they are my world.
I am trying lose weight, mainly to be healthier, but mostly for my family. i want to be my best for them. i have started by cutting back on my portions. and trying to drink more fluids. I want to get to where i can exercise but i have to get my weight down so my joints can handle it.

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