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Good Morning to friends and passers-by!


I'm very excited about the new direction my life is taking. It's been a long time coming but I feel the winds of change will be blowing my way for once. I am back in school. Doing something I am passionate about and will enjoy doing as a forever career. My plans are to one day open a bakery of my own. I even know the name, and what I want my logo to look like. 


I have this "five year plan".  Taking each year with one fresh goal at a time. First year is to finish school and get all my classes finished that I need. These will, of course include business classes so that I can learn to run my own business. Second year plan is to finally be moved out from this house, out of this "non-relationship" with this man and be independent...moving on. This actually may take place between the end of the first year and the beginning of the second.  I have learned in life that plans are "subject to change" so anything is possible at this point right? LOLL 3rd  year I want to move out of sin city and back east.  Not sure just where yet, but time will tell.  This will involve some work on my part as custody/relocation will be a huge factor and I know that he won't "just let me take the kids" and have visitation.  It would be nice if we could relocate together, but that ship has sailed and my mind is now focused on two things, my kids and my business. I see the light at the end of this dark tunnel i have been in the past six years.   4th year I want to begin saving for that dream bakery of mine and do all I can to make it a reality.  By year 5, I want to have my dream become a reality.


I've made some really amazing friends, which has helped me become stronger and more vocal. We've been hanging out, having a drink or two at one friend's house(she just lives down the street) and playing board games which is really fun when you've been drinking. Mad Gab, know, fun games. This weekend we are going out for my birthday on Friday, Saturday I have a candle party to go to and Sunday is a big super bowl shindig at my other friend's house.  I'm bringing spinach artichoke dip and some baked goodies. :)


I haven't really been here at PS much anymore as "real life" has just been too hectic and busy. I had been filling out financial aid documents, running back and forth to the campus meeting with FA advisors and admissions woman and just going going going, not to mention volunteering at my 3 children's classrooms, and miss that more than anything. My kids were sad when I told them that I wouldn't be able to be in class with them for a while. I will miss parties and programs and all that stuff I hold dear to my heart, when it comes to spending time with them. I told them it's only temporary and next year when they are in first and second grades, I will be back to help out again. And we will have money to do fun things and go places and be together again. I actually cried thinking about it, but have refocused my energies on the "big prize" when all is said and done. 


It keeps me going.


So that's what is going on in my life. No more drama. No more sadness. No more sh*t in my life. I am embracing the positive and even when bad things happen I strive to pull myself out of the darkness by reminding myself life is one big roller coaster ride and everything can't be "perfect" every day. 


I hope you all are doing well. To my friends if you would like to connect with me, please add me on FB, the link is on my page. Be sure to put a note that your "from PS" so I know you're not some random person who's never "met" me before. LOLLL


That's all for now. Must run. Lots to do today. I hope you all are staying warm and safe after "snow-mageddon" hit last night. 


Love and blessings to you all.....

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