My Run For the U.S. House of Representatives

I have been told for years that I need to run for office. It has always seemed a bit daunting, however I have never believed the lie that all politicians are crooks. I have known many state, local and federal representatives over the years and can attest that perhaps the majority are, and many more are duplicitous, however, that will not be the way I work in Congress.

Those who have read my other blogs know a bit about what motivates me, what issues concern me and a bit about my approach to problem solving. I have always worked at being as clear and honest as possible, as helpful to Mother Earth and her creatures as possible and this will not change when I become a U.S. representative to Congress.

I am strongly in the Bernie sanders camp and will be excited to work with, rather than against him in my work. with the help of many concerned citizens we can change our oligarchy back into a democracy. Please, before you take issue with this statement, understand that I have followed politics my entire life and I have learned a few things about our nation through first-hand participation inside and outside the realm of politics.

First, and perhaps foremost, there is a cadre of people, cultivated by the media, who revel in lies and worship bullies. However, they are outnumbered by those who understand power and control issues and who see clearly that these qualities can only lead to abuse and neglect, destruction, estrangement, suffering and loss.

My main issues, the ones that concern me most, and the concerns of the people I represent, are intimately tied up with the basic principle that educated people everywhere know and understand. Our species and most others on the planet prove one thing more than any other. When organisms are provided security and just a tiny bit of support, they thrive.

On this, the first day of "Black History Month" it is appropriate to speak these words as clearly and succinctly as possible. The oligarchy is carrying out genocide as part of their class war. They actually want to prove that they are right in using power and control over the rest of us. They have hundreds of ways of justifying their reign of terror over us. They even believe that their power is god-given, righteous and necessary to herd us like cattle into doing things that are for our "own good". Nothing could be further from the truth.

My offices will be here in Green Bay and I am looking for campaign workers who want to help win this district.It will have to be a full court press from now until August 9 so that we can win the Primary and the General election is in November. I am planning to discuss and teach the making and use of biochar at each campaign event because I believe that the people of northeast Wisconsin need to actively participate in healing the soils of the area. We have the technology to double agricultural production and heal the planet from the ground up, but the oligarchs have us so scared and full of fear that most often we believe that there is no way to go but down.

I will be standing up for the people of Northeast Wisconsin as well as the people from around the nation who have been denied representation for far too long.

Please contact me if you are willing to help in my campaign. Please share this with your friends.

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