Now that we’re in, I’m opening boxes.  My plan was to open 5 boxes per day, but that has gotten stymied because all I see are book boxes, and bookcases aren’t set up with shelves yet.  My microwave oven, toaster, and slow cooker all arrived on time on Thursday afternoon.  The people whom Len and I eat lunch with over at the clubhouse are congenial and friendly.  The lunches are a little watery, but edible.  There’s one that sticks out in my mind the most and that was the chicken patty with New Orleans rice.  Oh, but that was good!  It had a subtle kick to it that I loved.Yesterday the vacuum cleaner arrived.  I tested it on the bathroom floor, because Tangey gets litter all over.  To spare the carpet, we’ve been putting our beverages in bottles instead of glasses, because if you replace the cap immediately after drinking, you don’t spill anything.  


I’m getting used to  the stores around here.  There are certain things I got used to having at Foods Co, such as Asian Sesame  and Soy Dressing, which I use on my Corn and Tomato salad.  The Food Source here doesn’t have it YET.  I’ll request it next time I’m in.  I’d go exploring, but it’s been too hot here to go out.  In the middle of next week, I have a procedure and have to fast and clean out my system to prepare for it, so I’ll be too weak with hunger to explore. But maybe the 2 days after that I’ll be able to go out, and take the 55 bus the other way.  


I just paid my first PG&E bill for the huge sum of $1.38.  The only thing it does is keep the water in the water heater hot.  Everything else is electric.  I shudder to think what the SMUD bill will be, because we’ve been running the AC constantly, with these triple digit temperatures we’ve had here, but there should be a cooling trend this coming week.


Unfortunately, one of the people who moved in my stuff used no brain cells in placing the boxes, so that all the boxes and bags I can get my hands on are book boxes, and the bookcases aren’t set up yet.  I said that before, I know I did, but it’s annoying.  Len is annoyed with the same person, for not placing the cables separately in the box.  I know that if I had packed them, I would’ve wound each one around my hand or hand and elbow, and wound either a rubber band or twist tie around it.  But then, I have a Virgo ascendant, so I’d proceed logically and analytically.  

The next 2 days I have to fast because on Wednesday, I'm having a procedure done.  Apparently, they found something sketchy in my stool sample.  I've been through a similar procedure before so this shouldn't be too bad, and I'll be sedated, which I wasn't before, so It won't be too bad.  Drugs have a strong effect on me, so I simply won't care.  Colon cancer, like pancreatic cancer, kills fast, so it pays to catch it early.  I'm lucky I'm with Kaiser; they're very pro-active about these things.  It killed Isaac Bonewits back in 2010.  Of course, I don't know whether it was Isaac being stupid or his health plan, but he was at Stage IV when they saw it.  Be smart;  if you're over 50, get yourself checked out.  I plan to eat heartily after the procedure is over with.  

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