On Course Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life

Currently in college this is my Journal entry assignment and answer

Describe an important course correction you have made in the past. Explain how you, became aware that you were off course, what you did to change course, and how your efforts turned out. Most important, what did you learn from this experience.

Identify where you are presently off course, and offer a plan for making a course correction. Explain an aspect of your life ( e.g., college, social life, finances, spirituality ) that is off course. Describe the feedback you received – from inside or outside of you – informing you that you're off course. What will you do differently to get on course? Most important, what lesson do you think the university of life wants you to learn from this situation?

What one perceives is a mental construct, what the mind perceives is not often reality. In truth our perception of being off course, is not often as wee sense it, but a completely different concept. The off course is more of getting stuck and attached to an event rather than moving past it. Power only exist in which one allows power.

Now to answer the questions. To say if I were off course is not a correct term. There have been numerous times I have been derailed or had to go a different route. First one may come to the understanding of impermanence, and attachment. I understand that the verse and all with in it is in a constant state of flux. Nothing stays the same forever transforming from one to another, I understand that attachments are often at the root of suffering.

To explain how I, became aware that I was off course. I would first have to be off course. I can explain that I have been derailed or had to change a direction of where I am going but still have the same destination in mind.

One may not always get to choose the events with in ones life, but one has a choice of how one experiences it. Of the events in the past I have experienced negatively, I have now come to transform them in either a neutral or positive energy. I attempt to not attach myself to past events for they are not what or who I am at them moment, same with the future.

Even at the moment am not off course. I may say I am at a cross road, I am derailed or at a block sensing for the next move. I rarely get any feedback since I am mostly a loner, and very rarely have succumb to conversing ideas with a human being. I am not concerned with what the university of life wants me to learn.

For the record. The university of life is an urban term referencing to the real world as a source of instructions, as opposed to a formal education. It is used instead of a real university, by people or about people that never made it to a university; often to avoid or feel ashamed of because of that. This term probably came into existence do to the whole political correctness, and an ego builder.

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