Recently I have been visiting a friend in Williamsburg VA. It's about an hour from my school, so it's not TOO bad of a drive. I drove out there last night in the cold rain. Let me tell you, it is a huge PAIN to drive on 64 in the rain. Especially when there are trucks. ugh.

This morning on the drive back I experienced something TOTALLY worth the drive. I have NEVER seen trees change colors in such an amazingly wonderful way. There were these deep reds, a dozen shades of orange, and of course yellow. There are so many different KINDS of trees that these colors blended in such a breathtaking way. Even on the interstate on the way back the trees were gorgeous.

As soon as I crossed the bridge tunnel back into Norfolk, everything became bland again. There are very few trees to begin with, but they are all like a dying green color. The trees in Norfolk don't really change color. They just kind of go from healthy green to dead. Yuck.

I've never been one to like cold weather. As soon as the temperature dropped below 70 I decided it was too cold to go outside. My mission: spend as much time INSIDE as possible so that I could escape the cold. For some reason though, 60 doesn't seem so bad anymore. In fact, its still beautiful outside. Rainy these last few days, but otherwise kind of nice.

Now, once it starts getting down to 50 I'll need to find some cute guy or girl to come over for snuggles to keep me warm. ^.^

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