I believe; I choose; I am       Whether aware of it or not nearly everyone I know has asked me a question regarding my beliefs. Never the same question, mind you, but close enough to be noticed.   …


I believe; I choose; I am


    Whether aware of it or not nearly everyone I know has asked me a question regarding my beliefs. Never the same question, mind you, but close enough to be noticed.


  "God will only tap you on the shoulder so many times before she hits you upside the head and says HEY," so I figured I'd take the hint and start writing it out before I do get thumped.


    I believe God IS; Both the masculine as well as the feminine, The great universal force that brought this plane into existence. This is how she shows herself to me and how he reveals his knowledge to me. We break God down into many sub forms depending on what aspect of God we need at the time, each one being as valid a being as the last.


   I believe there are beings apart from God, that exist away from his sustaining light and calming darkness, and I believe it is important to recognize the God has darkness to her as well as light and we can embrace both to understand her better.


   I give thanks for the life I have and I give thanks for the life I had, for I would not be me otherwise. I give thanks to those who give me a smile: they share a bit of their love with me. And I give thanks to those who let me cry to show me how to become stronger. Everything is connected and all our actions affect the world and people around us. So, what kind of an imprint are you making into the hearts and minds of those the people you meet each day, both new friends and old, and the stranger you don't know at all.


     I am born from love, a child of God and as such I try to be open to what it is that she wants me to do and the path she says I need to be on. I try,  but I am only human and I err.


     I choose to walk the path of the Earth and the way of the Hearth Witch. To me this means I am a steward of the earth and, as such, it is my job to take care of the natural world around me. I strive to make it a better place for the next generation. This also means living as self-sufficient a life as is within my power, and not allow my pride to get in the way when I have a need of help.


     I have at times preferred to declare the title of Witch because, to me, it carries the meaning of caretaker and healer. But titles only have the power you and others give them. I am alright with just being me.


     I believe that we have been allowed to use the great and powerful tools of the sun the moon and the stars, as well as the elemental forces of creation and destruction. But they are not just tools for majick; they are their own spirits with their own things to do and they all should be treated with respect and dignity as such.


     I do not believe anyone has the right to command God to do anything, no matter what God you believe in. There has to be a more respectful way to get a deities attention then "BE HERE NOW". We are human they are not and we should remember that.


     I believe things work best when the intent is pure.


     I believe in the guides and guardians, whether they be animal totems, ancestral spirits, guardian angels, and that they are there to help us along so we grow strong and wise.

     I believe in their opposing forces that try to get us to stop growing and try to keep us content to live a small existence instead of really living. Whether they be some of the mischievous fae spirits, or demons inner or outer. and whatever else out there that means me ill will.


     I believe that my actions and reactions are a choice. It is up to me whether or not I show that something bugs me or makes me happy. And it is a choice to accept or act on those feelings. They are mine and I own them, the bad as well as the good and it helps me to become stronger.


     I believe in the forces of Chaos and Order, that they do what is in their nature to do, dancing their spiral dance 'round one another giving momentum and meaning to Life. Without them life could not be.


     I believe the five rules that so many have adopted are a good starting point for a personal belief system but by no means all there is nor are they the same set of rules everyone follows and that's fine(we all walk our own road.


     I believe one does not have to try everything. If you find what works for you and what calls to you why continue to search for what you already found? That said having a wide range of skills and knowledge in other areas of interest can be helpful, that is where discernment comes in handy.


     I do not believe that there is only one way; rather every path has truth to it. Also I believe there are those that are called to One specific way and there are those that are called to follow many. All should be treated with respect and honor as the beloved children of God that they are.


     I believe that I am called to a combined path of Celtic-shamanism and Christianity. I feel the call of my Celt ancestors as well as those of my Gypsy and Native American kin drumming through my veins. I cannot deny myself the power behind the christian upbringing I had, nor the wisdom and comfort it can bring to those in need nor would I want to. It is another tool given me to use when needed.


     I believe it is important to know who you are and where your family comes from. Knowing your heritage can give you direction and show you where your strengths may lie. Looking for your ancestors is a rewarding exercise with many potential surprises.


     I believe in Angels and demons and have faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I do not believe that some of those who claim to follow him do so honestly, and that saddens me. It also saddens me that though most faiths that fall under the umbrella of paganism who profess religious tolerance show just as much hypocrisy as some of the Christians do in bashing others beliefs, I hope we learn from this soon.


     I choose to be a healer; it is a part of my nature to help those in need when I can, but a wise healer knows how to be a warrior when a trust is violated and the need is there. I pray I can be so wise when the time comes.


     I trust my Tribe; they are my family. I believe we will continue to love respect and be there for each other even in the darkest of moments.


     I believe that names have power, and as such how you wear them is as important. That being the case I am learning to accept the power in the mane that my parents gave to me, instead of denying it because it isn't as interesting as some of the other names I know. I can no longer be called Rom, it is a name that I have not worn with as much honor and dignity as I should have. I will always be the gypsy boy- it is a part of my heritage. It is how my life has been lived for a long time, and I can live it well but it only encourages me to stay childish not childlike and I can not afford to live my life half-arsed anymore. I am a Gypsy but I have always been Wolf at my core and Faol is a name that I have never misused or treated with ill-intent.


     I am stepping into my new life with joy and eyes that are open to the world around me. I do not see it as a dark place of grief and suffering in need of the light of God, rather I see it as a bright beautiful place where the light within us all shines out drawing the attention and love of God down to us.


     For now this is who I am but all things grow and change. Its time too stretch out and grow to the light and let your inner light out to shine.


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Comment by The Devil's advocate on September 20, 2010 at 2:16am
:) very well put. Growing times are not easy, as you well know, and you are obviously approaching this one with the dignity and meditation necessary.
Comment by Cu Sidh on January 21, 2011 at 5:15am
Thank you gnome I'm glad you liked it.


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