I am curious to know if anyone else on this site (who happens to read this blog I guess lol...) knows how to read palms? Or knows someone wanting a palm reading done?

I as well as 2 others (who also read palms) belong to a group on here (called Palmistry People) where we are not only learning from one another, but also learn from doing readings for others (for practice, for free...)

I invite you to join us to either get a free reading, or to learn and try to read palms yourself. There are plenty of 'palmistry 101' topics in the discussions, as well as the pages to the right side of the group.

I have to admit, there are things I can see on palms that I really have no idea about the meaning of. What I see is conclusive (usually lol) but what it means might not be interpreted as well as I like :p This group is helping me understand/interpret what it is I am picking up on... I had only read about 5 palms, before this group, and have learned so much in my time with the them :)

Hope to see you there!


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