i found my camera!!! yay! i will be taking pictures of my altar and posting it soon. My camera was in its case, but the case was in my sons toy box of all places. there is something screwy with this house I swear. it likes to mess with me. i will be fixing my pentacle necklace, and i have some things i still need to make for my altar. but my altar will be complete soon. once i can find hades and persephone it will be. for right im using gold and silver candles, which i need to find candlesticks for. im going to be making my altar tile, and some element tiles. i still need a chalice but for now im gonna be using my goblet. im considering a raven feather, but i dont know exactly where ill get it from. I have robins feathers i think, but there is so much i want on my altar. i am going to have a big altar and then a smaller portable one, which i can take outside when i need to. i have a basket in which to put everything in, but i want to make a space outside where i can have an altar too. i have a creek that runs behind my house, and it is heavily wooded around it, but im scared to leave anything there because someone might take the items. im in the market for crystals though, and im looking for special pieces that i feel a connection with. so far no dice. thats what sucks about living in this area. i cant get to places to see crystals, i just have to judge them over the computer and i cant sense the stones that way. im used to the power that the stones give off. i can run them through my fingers, and i get a sensation from them. its weird but i feel like a earth witch trapped in a fire witches body. dont get me wrong i like fire, but i am much more attracted to earth and its various parts. my father in law comes home today, oh yipee. i would be happy about this but every time he comes home he bitches and complains the whole time hes here making everyone miserable. he just likes to make us feel bad. he comes home and tells us how bad housekeepers we are, and that things better not look this again, or hell kick us out. which are hollow threats considering we live in my mother in laws house, he may pay the bills but we take care of her, because she is handicapped. we arent bad housekeepers, we just dont keep it up to the standards he wants like when he lived in the army. im not an army wife. i do things at my own pace. if he doesnt like it he can kiss my ass. its not like my mother in law would turn out her grandkids and her son and wife just because. its not like he can pay to have someone come in and take care of my mother in law either. She and we have an arrangement. We cook clean and take care of her and the house and in return we have food lodging, and money when we need something. She takes care of us and we take care of her. It works for us. Just until my hubby can find his own job and we can help out with expenses. I love my in laws but my father in law is just a pain in the ass

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