I am from India. Almost every religion worships god as the supreme father or mother. Here in India Goddess kali is seen and worshiped as the Universal mother, primordial power It is believed that the entire creation, space and time are generated from her and will dissolve into her. I have been struggling with a strange feeling. I am unable to worship her as a Divine Mother. I have fallen in love with her as a lover. No sensual feeling is attached with my love for her. I have only pure affection and love for her. I find her so beautiful and caring that i cant resist myself from falling in love with her. My past two relations were broken just for this very cause...I shared this with two girls and they broke relation with me. I am not sorry for that at all, in fact I dont find myself attracted to any woman now....I am determined to remain celibate in my life and explore spirituality through this goddess.. My love for Kali is growing stronger day by day..I want to engage myself into Kali sadhana but have nt taken initiation from a guru. No guru can understand my view perhaps..I dont know if i am going insane or not but i feel more complete and contented than ever before, i have become able to control my basic instincts now. Its a wonderful feeling...Is it wrong to love and worship Goddess Kali with the feeling of lover ?? Will she be angry with me?

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