Act a monument platform accord crystal rock formation that the ancients considered magical to build pyramids masters of the universe we are god as giants the planet was being formed existing when there was no trees illuminating web that anchor dreams the universal force to regenerate a static field heart beat drum sum of our parts stage arena a corridor so familiar too crowded factors variant elements historical existences conditional buoyancy aspect ratio vanity fractions of destiny bound by paradox flux change eternity infinite calculation collective personalities mass density an age of extinction a vessel of continuation soul communication serpent oriented ectoplasm cherished river masquerading interventions individual clouds of memory drowning iniquity moon tide decay oblivion weak cynical strangulation syndromes complex crippling cursed utterances dangerous motivations a final destination soul ship horizon executed revision futile problems animal reactions saline ineffable understanding we all die eventually rejected salutations instinctive motor critical functions a species adapted to self destruction genetic poetry lessons of conscience grappling binary imperfections the crest of being alive defined by a vision striving towards perfection living entity to understand what is mortality in the end there shall be a university there to learn eventually returning back to where it all started

lucky number four pointed compass two faced prefix projective segments spinning spiral filament recoiling boundaries of the universe all existence common spectacles according mortal chains prophecy ark of humanity self ammunition obelisk fluctuations cynical ledges gullible deluge hindsight capsulates flight of fear parchments streams of consciousness real time definiton every religion bio fusion membrane a blood pact cohesion forming synaptic threads magnetic fly trap emaciation the general opinion viral infestations, trend set ramification volatile equilibrium who knows what god is a screaming insect signal of lament guardians infant torment white like apple tree competition entire evil evolution the dividing planet shifted grave possessed voices obscure creations transit ecliptic definitive miracles beginning everything changes chain visionaries knotted frame always photosynthesis sunlight feed life spark within the light relative motion binary fusion twins primal spectacle shallow coffin terminal amputation critical execution fossil abortion pain staples stitching surgical artistic stage asylum metaphoric story tellers battles against elements piety a belief in healing sanctuaries grim desolation savor garment blood circulating protracted fear supplication to complain diminutives tiny insignificance model train grammar pertaining denoting implication depression underlying problems fragile creatures,

corridor soul believers buoyancy factors extinct separate serpent oriented filaments thread ectoplasm while dreaming bubble channels energy into crystal bone bodies woes pronounced conversation over common vision river fountain sacred mountain point of origin superstition hypocrisy hole in the sky vortex birth complex crippling context cursed existence electric sleep praying in utterances circus audiences oracle laughter statistical remorse synthetic rituals trial and error poisoned consumption intervention spiritual acceleration mammal amphibian distorted evaluation particular liar satan fragmentation friction rotting circular motion a spiral cholesterol doctor temple velocity dark memories zoological attraction twin rendition evil weaponry doomsday prophecy shadow coffin conclusion belief in apostles what is impossible mental whining individuals stapled organ rapture artistic masters dead negative elite enemies which dwell within astonishment desolate eat none pursueth perish atonement athletic distance transfiguration adaptive purpose pressure of environment once again an eternal conscience variable destiny past future life differences of infinity the end puppet.

twisted reflections cross that line nailed reactions between standing functions moron intent dummy egos apathy mishaps incarnates through unstable portals a planet lunatic stereophonic refuges locomotive submission changes in destination nightmares defying explanation sudden motivations to cheer in riots theatrics sphere parchments to be accurate a soul light antimatter micro spark star who you are

i seen jesus reaching into this dimension being chased by humanity he was just dead after execution he threw a sword to me
a weapon the machine
time travel brought him here
i remember being there
he followed me
makes sense
st vito is said to appeared as jesus was on the cross this st vito started healing epileptics and animals on the next hill after jesus died this superman saint vanished

i think insects are one step away from replacing humans so after the judgement they shall continue nobody knows anything it is all fairy tales and made up stories changed for glorification to find an original requires listening to an old man remembering what he grandfather said on a full moon

i do not sound mental so what i say must be true
a scientific mystic warrior of the ecliptic some oddity soul that has great value but has rotted into a mortal body if i gave you scientific proof then you said yes Vito is unique so what changes nothing when i need healing if you thought that all those people who claim to know jesus i tell you that is ridiculous the soul exists and visits us but not as a person but a comet

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