Well, this was our first Blot in the new place. The place certainly felt pretty awesome.

My wife does an annual Skathi Blot and this year was no exception. On the contrary, the further North, the better.

The area was resplendent with animals: Darting Blue Jay males with plump females in tow, a giant possum, circling hawks, scurrying farm cats and a friendly dog. The "backyard" had a grove of white birch and pine. Words just can't describe how much emotion those white birches fill me with. I just feel like a giddy eight-year old at Summer Camp (The Good Parts :), even thinking about them.

The folk and kin came out in style to celebrate with us. My wife choose a spot next to the tree line and set up the altar. We already had the discussion and my wife was focused on Skathi's determination. Three rounds during the Blot went to Skathi, ancestors/family and lastly community and the Landwights. It really recharged my batteries and was a serious kick in the keister for what I need to do.

It did kind of make me unhappy that we could not do a formal Landtaking. However, until after the sale/closing doing anything less would be inappropriate...

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Comment by David Carron on January 20, 2010 at 3:07pm
When we do a formal land-taking, I would like to have an open Blot and invite the mass hoardes to come on down.


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