Soul Searching and Reconnecting with the Gods

I recently started this thread for advice about a situation that's been presented to me during a very stagnant time in my life (at least on the religious front). I want to thank everyone for their advice, opinions, and help. You're all amazing.

I've started a Blogger account, since I know that PaganSpace will distract me if I try to blog here. LOL Discussions are too tempting, and I don't want to waste paper while I'm beating my head against a wall (not to mention, when I get into a writing frenzy, my pretty, fluid handwriting starts looking like a two year old jumped in with a box of Crayola). Or maybe I'm an internet junkie. I need my fiiiiixxx.

I left the blog public. I know this may not seem like the wisest thing to do, considering I'll be bearing my soul to the internet, but if there is anyone who can benefit from my issues by reading, I'd like to leave that door open. I have nothing to hide, and if I do have something too personal, a specific post can be made private with a click.

Bedlams and Broomsticks. And the layout is pretty.


Thank you again to everyone who helped me, SIN, ~~~;{@ ~PurPLe~YiN~ BLossoMs~ @};~~~, Arachneh, Lea, Marquita, MistyDawn01, Dailgneachd, Wesley, and others. You're all great. =]

Bright Blessings,

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