I am under attack spiritually, being continuously raped by a man who either can bilocate or asto project. Lady B is no longer on, am so afraid. Last nite was horrible besides my 11 yr old boy woke up crying saying he had a bad dream and I hugged him as I lay beside him and he said mommy are you bretahing on me, and I said yes, he said thank god.

Do you know anyone who can help me, can Sinister?? Anyone, me and my son are in danger. My entire body is in pain like I have been violently attacked feel nauseated. Afraid to go to sleep agian, he is a friedn on Face book practicies Hindu, sent me a pendant. Thought he was a freind he was caring known him for 6 mo. he was alwasy nice, he lives in Goa. Now am afraid babe, don't know what to do.

For some reason cannot comment or email will not send. I am needing Lady Venus, Herne, Mystic Paige, anyone of my dear friedn from Lady brigettas to contact me on yahoo.......cocoa 23-06, nobody here is taking this serioulsy and my son and I are in danger.

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