How to describe this wonderous dream
Where to start and how indeed...
That crept through my mind in the dark
And gave to me, that tiny blue spark.

Oh wonder beyond measure my eyes behold
The princes of wealth all dressed fancy and gold
But empty like broken pottery of time
I laughed and left them to their folly and rhyme.

And then to appear before my very sight
A man with eyes as beautiful as night
With enticing soft coos and devilish grins
I left in a hurry, before the world could spin

Through meadows of grass as green as jade
The bright colors immortal to time and fade
Blue summer skies of unfathomable heights
With the stars and the sun shining ever so bright

Then onto this purple mountain I fell
Seeing the man, the one with the spells
I sat there with him, trying to understand it all
Understanding that I'm not just a toy doll

Then his face I saw, that lover of mine
But when I awoke, there wasn't the time
To recall who he was, but I know very soon
You'll open my heart and find pleanty of room.

And you'll forget the follys

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