I've bought several decks from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There's nothing currently funding on IGG, but Kickstarter has several decks. These are some of the ones currently running. If I had unlimited funds I'd probably pick up the 5-Cent Tarot and the Cosmic Cycles.

Tarot Ending Soon on Kickstarter

Ends July 28, is funded: Catharsis Tarot by Howcroft and Moore
$8 gets a PDF coloring book of the 22 majors. $25 + shipping gets a deck of 99 cards. Beautiful artwork that draws from many religions and cultural backgrounds.

Ends July 28, is funded: The 5-cent Tarot by Madam Clara
$5 gets a sampler of 3 cards and a coupon for her Etsy shop. $40 + shipping gets the deck, a matching pouch, and a mini-reading in the form of 5 duplicate cards (will try to match requests). Whimsical deck inspired by Victorian era poster art and the Thoth deck's structure. Suits include Matches, Needles, Cups, and Buttons. Quite charming.

Ends Aug 18, about half funded ($2437 of $4567): Raincoast Tarot Redux
CA$50 (about US$38) gets a deck, your choice of full color or the black and white "shadow deck" version. Rich, vivid colors; strongly Rider-Waite inspired.

Ends Aug 18, is funded: Cosmic Cycles Tarot
Modernized deck with colorful  imagery and reinterpreted themes. $40 gets the deck, guidebook, and ebook guidebook. (Or deck-and-a-sticker, but there's only 2 left of those.) $50 gets the deck, a 4x6 print, and an enamel pin. $75 gets the fancy version of the deck with metallic purple edges and gold foil on the cover.

Ends Sep 14, is funded: Commonplace Tarot Deck
Black-and-white deck in woodcut/linocut style. £5 (about $US8) gets a bookmark; £10 ($12) gets a print; £25 ($31) gets the deck. Shipping to the US is very expensive: about $37.

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