For Yule I bought my girlfriend a wall plaque of Herne. She loves all images of the Horned God and is beginning to take her first steps down the pagan path.

Well, I recently put up on one of our bedroom walls, above my desk, a little to the left so she could see it every morning when she awakes. One morning, as we were getting ready to take our first vacation together, my cat, Yoda, hopped up on the desk and began yowling at Herne. He actually looked  up, right at the plaque, and had a very annoyed cat conversation. He had never done so before and hasn't, that I know of, since.

My thought about this is that he was fussing that we were leaving and perhaps asking that the Herne stop us or maybe even protect us, Yoda is very much my handsome familiar. I may be putting too much into this. It could be my fanciful imagination making more of this than it really is, or it could be exactly what I think it is.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?  

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