i went to put my pentagram back on today and the chain broke. I feel like crying about it although i know it wont do any good. the pentagram is a precious symbol to me. I feel lost without it. Im going to go to like michaels or someplace and get another chain. i can make one if it come down to it. i just miss wearing it for the time being. My husband is taunting me with a shop that he saw. i guess they had pagan things. he wont tell me. he just keep saying that hes going to have to visit a store in wellsboro. makes me want to scream. i cant stand surprises. i like presents, but i like to know what they are before i open them. im a spoilsport. it drives my hubby nuts. im just impatient. I have some ideas as to what he bought me, but considering my birthday is so close to christmas, i was born on the 12th, i just dont know when im getting them. unless he goes to this other store and finds something more. i wouldnt complain if he did that. i just would like something. it would suck to get nothing for your birthday. i know im getting something its just a matter of what it is.

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