well im getting ready for my sons birthday party at the roller rink, and i am so nervous. we didnt recieve any rsvps, so i dont know if anyone will show up. my mom said sometimes the people just show up so im scared that nobody will show up. we bought cake and ice cream just in case, and my mother in law got a few relatives that said they'd stop by so maybe we wont be the only ones there. if no one shows up then i guess my son will have the floor to himself.

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Comment by Mystikal Summer Starr on October 17, 2009 at 3:59pm
Good luck with your sons birthday party.
Many Blessings
Mystikal Summer Starr
Comment by Silver Dove on October 17, 2009 at 7:48pm
the party was great. the kids from my sons class didnt show, but we had plenty of family there and it was really special. my son got the bakugan bedding he wanted, as well as a few games and toys. at least we know that the people that were there, were there because they cared. my son got almost enough money to buy the mario and sonic wii game he wanted. overall it was a fun party, my son had a few spills, but considering it was only his second time skating, he did really good. i havent seen him happy like that in a while. he was so proud that it was his party and everyone was having fun. he is staying the night at his cousins house, and i know they will have so much fun. its weird how small this world can be sometimes. my father in law used to work with lena, who is the wife of my dads cousin, and they are great friends. so my cousins grandson is who my son is having a sleepover with. they are great friends.. and damien is really happy and thats whats important. i love that i made damien smile. he loved his cake. we went online and found a picture with all the mario characters, and all the sonic characters, and saved it to a memory stick cause our printer doesnt work, and took it to walmart. they printed it off in the photo department, and then we took the picture to the cake department, and ordered the cake, giving them the photo to screen on the cake. everyone complimented on how beautiful the cake was, and damien was beaming.
Comment by Mystikal Summer Starr on October 17, 2009 at 7:51pm
wow I am so glade that he had a breat birthday.
Have a good night
Mystikal Summer Starr


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