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The Magician

As I said in a few earlier blogs, that the Universe communicates with us through what we resonate with. I have been describing my experience with the Tarot as a tool I use it to connect with the Universe. I love how we have meanings connected to physical aspects of the world and of stories and thoughts we have created. We could even see it as a game where we use code books to decipher the Universe's language. Oh what fun!

I recently gave a description of how the Fool Tarot card has talked to me. Now I want to share some experiences with the next card in the story line, the Magician. When I first saw the Magician I didn't understand him. I seen a a figure taken out of the great stories, novels and movies. I seen someone performing magic. Perhaps he was someone who already was a master of the tools of the trade. He held all of the tools found in the suits of the deck, the chalice, the wand, the sword and the pentacles. Perhaps he was the one who was to teach me how to do that. Though life and study I soon came to a more deeper understandings of the Magician. I grew fond of him as well.

I have since discovered that we are connected to the Universal Knowledge. Our connection is our source within us. When we open up to that source and eliminate resistance to it, we have access to all the tools and knowledge we need. This connection to our true selves is the Magician. We can access it through meditation, magic, cleansing chakras, dreams, etc. Any method in which we release resistance and can listen to it. This source is of a higher vibration, so we must be able to tune in to it. 

When the Magician appears in a reading it is a reminder to tune in. It also is telling us that what ever is in the rest of the reading is to be reflected through the highest vibration we can reach. It can be telling us to let go of resistance, that is described in the other cards, so that we can reach even higher vibrations. It tells us to use the tools presented in the reading to work with the energies of the universe as a whole. 

We are to use the tools given through the source to co-create with the Universe. We go through cycles of creation in the physical world. Things and situations die, and are reborn. Better things blossom from the ashes. It reminds us to use these cycles to our advantage and to understand how they work. This helps us go with the flow of the Universal energies.

We spend our lives searching for the tools that the source holds inside of us. We eventually begin to understand that we were blocking access basically by holding onto resistance that is lowering our vibrations. As we connect with everything around us in the physical world, we are growing our connection with the Universe. We are given knowledge on how to manipulate the energies and things around us to achieve our dreams of what we want to create in the physical world through our source. 

The Magician reminds us that we have these powers. It reminds us that we are ready or it is time to get ready to use these powers and tools to create our dreams. It cues you to access the tools, etc, that are refer to in the rest of the reading. It also cues us to master any tools needed to create what we are wanting to create in our lives. 

It also shows us that we are drawing similar energies to us in the form of people, things, situations, etc. The future type cards in the reading would refer to these energies. 

It is simply WOW when the Magician shows up. You can instantly feel the power pulsing through your veins! It is time to be the witch that is powered by the Universe!

Love Kristi V

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Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on March 31, 2019 at 2:20pm

Awesome story

Comment by Kristi V on April 1, 2019 at 11:29am



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