To walk along the pretty garden, not a word shall pass
The heart is quick to harden, While the sun is leaving fast.
To find myself alone, so alone. With the cold air setting in
The perfume of jasmin, rose, and lilly, make my head shake and spin.

So green and soft the grass here, my barefeet never bleed
So bright the stars in heaven here, the moon dances and takes the lead.
But oh the silence binds us up. and the walls begin to form
As we sit amid the rose, you lean in to prick the thorns.

The hanging garden sleeps so tight, yet I cannot join the crowd
Your eyes leaving the sweetest light, and the sirens screaming loud.
And to awake once again, to cold and concrete messes
To find a bullet in your head, and among your darkened tresses.

My hopes for you to be there, in the hanging gardens midst.
But I know you'll never listen, and sin has already kissed.
The hardest part for me now, is to keep life flowing for me
How harder it is to breathe, when one's soul wishes to be free

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