The moment of transition

Stop and think about that for a moment. What exactly is the moment of transition? the moment of transition is
such a fleeting moment of time that for the most part no one know or remembers it. The moment of transition is that one split second that one thing sets in flux between two forms before becomes something new or reaming as it was, it is neither and yet it's both at the same time.

As people we are always moving in and out of the moment of transition and are unaware of the changes to our lives that take place in this moment of time. These moments of transition are not just random events, but sometimes come after careful planning, but either way they require a catalyst to set the moment of transition into effect.

As example, love. How many people can say they know the exact moment that their heart and spirit went from friend to someone that you need in their lives. We remember the first "I Love You" we don't always remember the moment out spirit became one with that emotion. Also with love how many can say that they know that moment where they decided to give this other person unconditional trust without hesitation or withholding .

Like I said most people do not remember these moment of transition. But most people have at some point have been stuck in The moment of transition. We have decide we want a change in our lives and we decide we are going to do something about, but we never take the step one way or the other, we stay where we are but we dream for something else, we are in flux n The moment of transition, we need a catalyst at time to help set things in motion. We set on the fence and worry, about the change, the outcome, we are so concerned with what we will lose and about those and the world around us that we get held up with their needs versus our own needs that we hesitate and take no action. So we are trapped in The moment of transition, we are out of time with the world and this leads us down a dark path of self demoralizing and blaming.

Life is a risk and there are no "do over's" no matter what kind of life we live. Living it is the key. Right or wrong, we must take our chances in life, and follow our spirit when and where it calls us. Stay with the life you have or being anew. The decision is up to each and every one of us. But we get caught in The moment of transition, and for some they spend their lives trapped there, neither making changes to make their lives better or to start over. To lose out on the joy of love because The moment of transition was too much to handle.

So to all that have taken the time to read my ramblings, the advice that I have for you for you is to step out of the past and into a new day, get off the fence and peruse you dream, find the happiness that you need in your life. We have one pass at this life, so live and love and cry expereince all that live hase to offer, remember just live life... for you do not get a "Do over".

Blessed Be....


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