I stood in the soft glow of the Mourning Moon. The beauty of the pale halo that surrounding it should have brought me joy and inspiration, but instead it seemed to only to confirm how trapped that I felt inside.

I mourned for many things, of Love lost and for love that could be, yet remain painfully unfulfilled. I mourn for things that never will be, for words that were never spoken, and the distance and circumstances that keeps it just a dream.

Confusion… just a way of life for some. It's a trip with no beginning or an end, and nothings remembered along the way. It's said that life is a double edged sword, a blessings and a curse. To experience the wonders of love and to revel in the mysteries that life has to offer, To also feel the pain of loss, of sorrow and grief and all the heartaches life brings.

We strive to find the sweet gentle touch of love and serenity in this world, to feel the very flow of life, and to give meaning to our troubled souls.

I've screamed so loud that I felt as if I would tear myself apart, yet my cries remain unanswered, no succor for my soul, no gentle hands to hold and comfort me, I find myself alone. My hope's have weakened, my resolve is all but gone, my head hangs weary and my sights gone dim, no longer do I have a compass to guide me on my way home, alone and trapped in this world. Sometimes I think I dreamed you…

My life feels so surreal, but sometimes that how I feel.

I have come to understand that time and love is dear, a love not lived is a love lost and can never be relived, then all we are left with is regrets. Remember there's no guarantees for tomorrow.

You are not here with me, so I hold tightly to the memories and dreams of what could have been. Sometime the memories can be bitter sweet, the sorrows and the love. I have tried and tried to wish you near. To be able to caress your face once more and to hold you close again, to hear the beating of your heart, and the gentle sound of your voice, and to once more experience the joy, magic and ecstasy that being together brought.

I hear your voice carried in the cool night breeze. Your Just a whisper away from me, yet you remain so out of reach. Each day when I wake, I tell myself to hope and dream, and to wait just one more day to see what life will bring.

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