Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 26th
Seventh night of Yule, Sacred to Thor
“Friend Thor, grant me strength, and courage. Be with me on path today. Grant me courage and foresight. Help me make hard choices. Hail Thor”

On this day Many Asatru remember the importance of our community and how we effect it. Remember Thor as you travel from one gathering to the next and all of the traveling that we and our loved ones do this time of the year. Also remember Sif this time of Year as we sit and eat at all of the feasting. Sif was of great importance to our ancestors as a goddess of the fields and grains that where so much a part of peoples diets through the winter. Thor and Sif are also important to some Asatru this time of the year because they (especially Thor) was looked at as the protectors of Children. On this day many remind themselves of the virtue of Fidelity. A word that is far too often defined by it’s narrow use in terms of marital fidelity. By the dictionary it simply means being faithful to someone or something. In marriage this means being true to ones vows and partner, and this has been narrowly defined as limiting ones sexual experience to one’s spouse. While I have found this to be great practical advice, many treat fidelity as if there were no other ways in which one could be faithful or unfaithful.

Today some will keep in mind the month of Haymoon (July). There is no traditional Blot or festival at this time of the year. I believe that this is because our ancestors where in the middle of great work in the fields, with the animals, hunting, fishing, gathering and preparing for the things. so on this day I remind myself that this a time to store and prepare for the times of the year when things may be leaner then now when things are in plenty.

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