Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 22nd
Third night of Yule – High Feast of Yule -

Beginning of Runic Year, Sacred to Thorr and Freyr

“Friend Thor, grant me strength, and courage. Be with me on path today. Brother Freyr, grant me good speech. Help me make good choices. Hail”

The Winter Solstice, this is the time when the New Year is born. We honor the beginning of Sunnas return and the breaking of Winter’s spell. This is a time that many honor Thor and Freyr, celebrate by Blot, Sumbel, Games and High Feast. Burn a Yule Log and jump the flames for luck and purification. It is a time for rekindling friendships, taking oaths and setting yearly goals. On this day we also remind ourselves of the virtue of Courage. In virtually every statement of values applied to Asatru, Courage is of utmost importance. Few of us face such turmoil as a literal battle for ones life. In fact, I believe it might be easier to manifest courage in such a situation than to do so in the many smaller day to day occurrences in which courage is called for in most of our lives. Today we will keep in mind the month of Lenting (March) and the Spring Equinox. this festival marks the end of Winter and the beginning of the season of rebirth. Libations of mead are poured onto the Earth. Personally, I like to think of Idis-thing as the birth of a new green earth and Ostara as her coming of age.

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